For all of you out there with wee sous-chefs who like to “help” in the kitchen, this is for you.

We recently discovered Kids Cooking Classes for 3-11 year-olds offered through the President’s Choice Cooking School at Loblaws locations across the city. The classes are split into Little Hands (3-5 year-olds) and Kitchen Kids (6-11 year-olds), ranging from meals to snacks to desserts, from sweet to savoury, and often holiday-themed.

It is incredibly easy to search options and locations, as well as register online. Kids classes are under $20 plus tax. We chose Valentine’s Day Treats ($9 plus tax) at Loblaws on Carlton St. Amazing location (it is of course the old Maple Leaf Gardens.) And as far as a sweet class pre-lunch, um, maybe not the smartest move, but definitely a delicious one.


Getting there: Check the Loblaws website for locations – those with parking lots onsite, the course instructor should validate parking (no need to buy groceries.)

Not just cooking: The courses offer some good practice in patience. There is some downtime between tasks as kids take turns adding ingredients and mixing.

Allergies: Cooking Schools are not allergy-free zones.

Plan your fête: Birthday parties are on available for 4-10 year-olds and teens too.

May we suggest: The Loving Mom course. Thank you and you’re welcome.