Mom guilt. I am guilty of it. Especially when Mother’s Day rolls around and my only request is to not be a mom for the day. Maybe you can relate. Or maybe you find this shocking. Either way, the truth is moms need a break – or they’ll break.

This Mother’s Day I am launching a series of stories under the category of Keep Mom Sane. Popping up between posts about what-to-do with kids around TOwn, I’ll be sharing some new ways to get moms out of the house without Kids in TOw.

To start things off, I’ve gathered a few of my favourite me-time and girls-only activities. Whether you save it for an annual mother’s day indulgence or schedule weekly dates, here are some ideas for Toronto moms to retreat and/or treat themselves.

Shower – In the early months of motherhood, I found that in the shower was the only time I really felt “off duty.” While I still enjoy a good shower break, one of my favourite places to relax is Body Blitz. The womens-only spa has east and west locations. You don’t even need (though you should) book a service. Their therapeutic waters do wonders for the body and mind. (FYI, Tuesdays are slightly cheaper.)

Sweat – While I am the queen of excuses on why not to exercise and most vocal during the first torturous 20 minutes, I am the first to admit that nothing beats the feeling after a great workout. The best motivator is committing to a class. Sign up rather than sneaking out to squeeze in a run. On our must-try list is surf classes without the waves at SURFSET Toronto. (Drop in half-price for your Mom in TOw on May 10th.) Or make a drop-in date for some yoga and art at Art Gallery of Toronto.

Girls Gathering – Maybe it’s an hour over coffee (have you had a freshly roasted cup at Merchants of Green Coffee?) or a weekend over wine (bike tour through wine country anyone?) Motherhood is better and easier when it’s a team effort. I strongly recommend mom meet ups where you can feel like a kid again – parkour at the Monkey Vault and adult classes at the Circus Academy.

Fresh Air: Nothing clears a mom’s mind more than getting the heck out of the house. While a simple walk often does the trick, we’ve recently got our fresh air fix along the Beach Boardwalk where we discovered a new mom past time: Stand Up Paddling on Lake Ontario.

Happy Mother’s Day my fellow mamas!