After a seven-year ‘break’ from ‘work’, Cindy Abols shifted careers from marketing exec to home designer. The switch happened very organically. While renovating their Ronscesvalles home, the mom-of-three connected with a parent from her daughters’ school. The result, a part-time-turned-full-time job leading Trust Realty Group’s home design services. Originally from a small-town near Perth, Ontario, she and her husband started their family while living in Nashville during a year-long secondment for her husband’s work. They now call Toronto home with three girls in TOw. This is what she loves about the city.

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Motherhood at the Moment

Most days I feel like I am in the circus – juggling the needs of all the people that are important and keeping our house rolling along smoothly. I am working on accepting that “ok” is good enough and being “in the moment” is the ultimate goal. 

Current Kid Challenge

I have three daughters (three-, five- and 6-years-old) who are really starting to develop their own interests, likes and personalities. The days of choosing for them seem to be waning. We try to create a home environment that respects each of them, and allows them to be their true selves.

Keep Mom Sane

Exercise keeps me centred. I am religious about Pilates at Generate in Bloor West Village. Also, the support of four incredibly close and inspirational women is immeasurable in my life.

Favourite hood

Our hood, Roncy for its strollers, dogs, kids, coffee and the occasional perogie.

Favourite place to visit a family

High Park is a gem. My husband has lived in this neighbourhood for 35 years and still it amazes – the zoo, playground, ice cream trucks and beautiful changes in scenery through the seasons.

Perfect Day Alone in Toronto

A run through the hood, a coffee, a wander along Queen West, a dinner at Giancarlo, the TSO and a glass of champagne at the Ritz would be blissful.