Moms in T.O. Toronto Haley Mullins SleepBelt

Photo by Emily D Photography

There is really nothing better that a quiet content baby snuggled in against you. I still have cuddlers (7 and almost 4 years old) but I do miss those moments when they were tiny babes resting so sweetly on my chest.

I also totally missed the SleepBelt, an invention by a Toronto mom that literally keeps your baby belted to you while….you’re hands-free!

As much as I loved the one-on-one skin-to-skin time with my little ones, I also remember those long moments when I wanted desperately to keep them napping but didn’t dare move a muscle in case they’d wake. I would have loved this.

The mompreneur was this week’s Mom in T.O. and she dished on how she brought this idea to life and what she loves about Toronto on