Motherhood Moms in Toronto Shopping

Photo by Emily D Photography.

I’ve been there. I’m still there staring blankly at a bulging closet hoping that something new and exciting will jump out. It never does. And even those pre-baby clothes I’ve been saving don’t seem new again (like they even fit anyway!) Truth is, most of our wardrobes, mom or otherwise, could use a refresh.

I know a Mom in T.O. who can fix this. Personal styling and shopping are Suzanne Colmer’s speciality. She is owner of Your Shop Girl and her mission is to help you look and feel good.

The Scarborough-native shared some extra advice for moms who find themselves in that weird post-baby transition period.

“This is not a time to reinvent yourself. However it is a great time for you to treat yourself to a few outfits that match your ideal image. Find 2 or 3 outfits that you feel really great in. I recommend buying more basic pieces that you can mix and match. As soon as your body has found it’s new normal, then consider a closet cleanse and shopping session.” Suzanne Colmer, Owner of Your Shop Girl.

Suzanne is also super savvy at finding restaurants and cafés. You can read more about all the things she loves about Toronto and being a mom to a very busy (but extremely well dressed) two-year-old on