It’s treetop trekking for the littles.

The boys (and a grandpa in TOw) went north on a sunny Sunday to check out Treewalk Village, an outdoor adventure park in the middle of Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area in Stouffville. The forest playland is filled with colourful treehouses connected by hammock-style bridges, ramps, tunnels, slides and obstacle courses for kids two-and-up.TreewalkBridge

It’s really fun.

Adults in TOw can climb along too, or in my case, get stuck in the middle of a swaying 8-ft tall rope bridge with a screaming three-year-old. (It was a bit much for him at first – he eventually got his tree legs.) My school-aged guy ran wild for the two-hour window (there is a time limit.) Overall, it felt very safe and so liberating to have them explore ‘in the woods’ on their own while keeping eyes on them from below and beside.

Can’t wait to return when there are leaves on the trees!


TreewalkCourseGetting there: In Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area west of Highway 404 at Warden Ave and Highway 14. Free parking onsite.

Low-down: Adult supervision is required. Tickets for a two-hour play period is $19.99 for kids 3-17 years old; $7.99 for 17+; 2-and-under and over-65 are free. You can reserve online – waiver also online. Birthday parties and gift certificates available. There is park admission to Bruce’s Mill Conservation area – cost and hours.

Snacks: Food and drink are allowed in the park but no eating while playing.

More fun: Older kids (9 years and up and 4’7 or taller) and adults can do the real deal treetop treeking and zip lining here. Lots of trails, hiking, picnicking and a new BMX Track in Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area.

3291 Stouffville Rd
Stouffville, Ontario
L4A 7X5
Tel: 1.844.369-0009 or 905.927.9397
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