“This is not a restaurant,” says every parent in the world at meal time when one kid requests this and the other whines for that.

So sometimes it’s nice to just go to a restaurant, one where kids can have (almost) what they want. In our case, it’s a thin-crust flatbread-style pizza and junior-sized smash burger (or one of the other ‘Just for Kids’ options for dinner that $5.99 or brunch that is FREE for kids 10 and under) at Toronto’s Prohibition Gastrohouse.

You wouldn’t think the large ‘Speak Easy’ on Queen St. E just east of the DVP at Broadview would be family-friendly. But if you head over at the early side of dinner or brunch on weekends, you’ll see quite a few families with balloons attached to chairs. Let me tell you, non-stop colouring pages and music videos playing in background made for easy dining. One time at brunch a few TV screens had a kid’s channel on. Perhaps that’s breaking the rules for some, but I was grateful for a brunch that was almost as quiet and slow as in the pre-kid days. Opens at 10 a.m. on weekends.prohibitionbrunch

And speaking of Speak Easy, there is daily Hooch Hour from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m for the adults in TOw. That’s $5 for most drinks.


Getting there: Paid street parking (free at 6 p.m. and on Sundays.) on TTC, it’s on the Queen Streetcar line.

Kid menu: For dinner, Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, Caesar Salada, Greens, Grilled Cheese, Mac + Cheese and Smash Burger. Brunch has French Toast (pictured above.)

In the hood: Joel Weeks Park is a block north and Corktown Common and Underpass Park are west, across the bridge and south along River St. Jimmie Simpson and McCleary Playground are not far either, about four blocks east along Queen St.

More kid-friendly eats: Here are some other of our family-friendly restaurants we suggest for families with kids in TOw.