Blast from the past. It’s easy to miss this awesome destination on Toronto Island. But it is so worth the walk to the south end of Centre Island to play for free in the city’s only tree maze.

In 2015, the hedge maze was brought back to life as the William Meany Tree Maze. It’s named after a Calgary businessman (originally from Mississauga) who returned to T.O. as an adult a few years earlier to discover the maze he remembered from his childhood had been dismantled on Toronto Island Park. He donated $200,000 towards the rebuild.

More than 1,200 black cedars were planted to create the twisting 15,000-square-foot labyrinth. Here is how to find it and get lost.


Getting there: The Tree Maze is just south past Centreville Amusement Park, en route to Franklin’s Garden. (Here is how you get to Toronto Island.)

Low-down: It’s free. It’s a maze – so you’re meant to get lost but there is only one entry and exit point, so you’ll eventually find your little ones in TOw if you lose ‘em temporarily in the maze. Not saying it happened to us.