Lost and found toy pieces find a new life!

Over the last few months families all over the city (and beyond!) have been donating their random bits and missing pieces of unwanted toy debris to Tiny Toy Co., a new Toronto business specializing in educational activities designed and created by local teacher-librarian-mom Rebecca Saha.

The end result – a series ‘new’ educational games that support literacy, numeracy, S.T.E.M., music and play-based learning AND keep tiny toys that are scattered around bedrooms, basements, backpacks around the city out of the landfill. (We are all about avoiding kid-waste.)

We’ve been watching as these awesome upcycled teacher-designed learning activities are revealed online – here is a peek at a couple of Tiny Toy Co.’s originals available:

Tiny Toy Co.’s Loose Parts Learning: “Connect the Thoughts” (TM); Photo courtesy of Tiny Toy Co.

Tiny Toy Co.’s Upcycled Natural Materials Play Set; Photo courtesy of Tiny Toy Co.

If you have some lone pieces of tiny toys that need a new home, consider Tiny Toy Co – they acceps toys that are smaller than your hand and represent something you can name. There is a growing list of drop-off locations – check out the FAQs for where and what is and is not accepted. Tiny Toy Co also hosts workshops for kids and educators.

All photos courtesy of Tiny Toy Co.